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Today started as any other cold, Korean morning starts in my world, with me refusing to leave the warmth of my comforter until the last possible minute. I checked my Facebook account and the news, and forced myself to face the day. I finally scurried out the door, grabbed a cup of coffee and met Brian. Brian and I started Hangeul classes a few weeks ago with our friend Bonnie. We walked the couple of miles to class, chattering about our travel plans for the holidays, and Brian’s handle bar moustache (He started growing one when he arrived in Korea, and plans to continue until he leaves. The moustache is a personality all its own…..) Nothing seemed out-of-place. All was right with the world.

The sky wasn’t noticeably falling.

I arrived early at my school, and checked the Huffington Post. I was shocked to see the Breaking Headlines: Dearly Departed Kim Jong Il dies at age 69.

You never realize you are a part of history while it’s happening.

I’ve stated to some friends and family members that I would love to be in Korea if the North and South are ever reunified. While it is way too premature to think that may happen, I find it pretty amazing to be living in Korea during the passing of Kim Jong Il. Although the South Korean military has been put on high alert, for Expats and South Koreans alike, it was pretty much just another day at the office. I kept checking the latest news during my breaks…..Yes, the Obama team is still planning to send food rations, and will wait to resume nuclear disarmament talks until after the period of mourning. Kim Jong Un is still set to take over as leader. North Korea fired a test missile soon after the death of “Dear Leader.”

I called my parents when I got home. I knew my father ( who served in the Korean war and who has never felt at peace with the situation in Korea) would be worried. I tried my best to reassure him. I told him again, as I told him immediately after my trip to the DMZ, how proud I am of him. I told him that I love him.

I don’t know what the future holds. It could be better. It could be worse. It may remain the same. I can hope for reunification and peace. I hope my father will have the chance to see that in his lifetime.


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Several incredibly exciting things have been happening lately. First, I was cast in “The Vagina Monologues.” Jeonju has performed this play for the last several years as part of  V-Day, the global movement to end violence against women and young girls. All proceeds for the show will be donated to a local women’s outreach program. I’m thrilled to be a part of this, and terribly happy to be acting again.

Korea will be the third country that I have had the opportunity to act. I really don’t mean for that to sound like I’m bragging or being pretentious.( I really dislike arrogant and pretentious people.) I do, however, feel incredibly fortunate that I have had these opportunities in my life.  In all the years I acted, I never dreamed I would perform internationally on more than one occasion.

Life is pretty amazing!

Also, my friend Marli Janse van Vuuren had a photo exhibition at Cafe G. She invited her foreign and Korean friends to stop in for a photo shoot which she then included in her exhibit, “Jeonju Faces.” The exhibit was fantastic!

Here is a very bad shot of a very good portrait Marli took of me:


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